Each Event will be priced individually based on your needs. All estimates include a sound system, DJ or Sound Tech, set up / take down, and one in-person consultation meeting.

We currently offer three different sound systems:

CLASSIC SYSTEM: Designed for 10-150 people in an indoor space such as a residence, banquet room, or small theater. This system is recommended for wedding receptions, corporate dinners, birthdays, holdiday events, or presentations.

SYSTEM PLUS: Designed for 100-500 people in an indoor / outdoor setting such as a large reception hall, back yard, gym, or cafeteria.This system is recommended for school dances, outdoor weddings, or corporate launch parties. Also it is an upgrade to the classic system for events where sound quality is very important.

PREMIUM SYSTEM: Designed for 500-3000 people in a large indoor outdoor space such as a theater, park, or ampitheater. This system is recommended for events such as concerts, festivals, and auctions.

- Lighting Package
- Travel Outside King County, Washington
- Exclusive MC

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